Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!

If anyone's still dropping by this blog, they may have noticed that I've been away for a bit. While I will be back with a few more posts in the near future (when I get back to where I spend most of my time), I thought I'd wish everyone a happy May Day...

NEFAC-Quebec (in their new incarnation) would too:

As would the Open Anthropology blog, with videos on the Haymarket tragedy:

Molly Mew with an IWW look at the origins of this May Day:

And a Marxist take, in the musings-and-mutterings of A Very Public Sociologist:

Go to a picnic in San Francisco:

Or check out 'the funkiest' EuroMayday:

If you are in Montreal (as, unfortunately, I am not) the 'Festival of Anarchy' - which includes the Bookfair in two weeks time - kicks off with a MAy Day anticapitalist demonstration:

Friday, MAY 1, 5:30pm @ Parc Cabot (corner Atwater and Ste-Catherine – m├ętro Atwater)


And for more on the 'Fest: