Thursday, March 5, 2009

news temporalities, new happenings and the ongoing...

It seems that the grenade attack mentioned last week has been a bit of a catalyst for more street protest and anarchist/radical-left actions against a major conservative newspaper (a few days ago) and the offices of a right-wing group; this post lists a number of events since the end of February, a clear attempt to resume recent happenings in a format that emphasizes both continuity and continuation:

This aspect is of interest in that it appears deliberately counter to the effects of piecemeal coverage (mainstream, Indy or otherwise) that sometimes seem to disarticulate time in their focus on the most recent developments - a set of effects which I feel might be ramped up by the quick-changing 'scape online, where I sometimes find myself not bothering to scroll past more than the past 12-24hours of the blog posts accumulating on my feed (whether I've checked in the past few days or not). Many-to-many means many-to-me, and I can only deal with so much.

This temporal economy extends itself to a sort of 'competition' between issues, locations and other forms of focus as well - which probably has a lot to do with many seemingly having 'moved on' from the situation in Greece both in terms of blogging and other more unidirectional productions (and it is seeming to me that most of the blogging on this is predominantly unidirectional) and in terms of commenting, discussion board activity, and other indications of audience/participatants' numbers and levels of interest.

However, as noted below, there does seem to be a bit of a spike in on-the-ground events, and online with the reinvigorated On the Greek Riots blog; the Social War in Greece blog has also been a bit more active of late (including re-disseminating the above libcom post), and I have seen a bit of chatter on one message board about a cheesily titled ('the potentiality of storming heaven') but well-produced and interesting 20minute video on the riots. It may be 'riot porn', but its definitely striking. Let's see what happens next...

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