Sunday, March 15, 2009


I never imagined I'd get plugged by others for this little project blog! Yet:

Much 'ppreciation to A Very Public Sociologist (from a so far not-so-public one).

Next up: a post on today's anti police brutality demo in Montreal (as I think this is a clear connection to the uprising-related events in Greece, if also a tangent from my discussion of the latter's online manifestations and representation), and an outline of the main aspects of the Greek uprising and aftermath online, as I've traveled its circuits. Details TBA.


  1. Hopefully Montreal will learn from the Greek experience, and give the frustration political expression. In Greece the traditional parties and unions, didn't take advantage of the oppurtunity.

    I found this blog at AVPS.

  2. I hope so too, Renegade Eye; I think that the recent situation in Greece and the discussions surrounding it provide a very illustrative case to consider, both in terms of differences and similarities to other struggles and contexts. I encourage anyone to add their thoughts on the questions raised there (organization, police repression, public protest, occupations, tactics, etc.) or to respond to my musings on this blog, if they like...

    I also appreciate any leads people might have on good anarchist, socialist and/or libertarian resources or information about the Greek uprisings.