Thursday, March 26, 2009

On asking questions and the material fragility of server-based social spaces

Duck-in-duck-out: I got another response to my request for an online (email) interview with one of the bloggers! And can't say that I'm surprised that my responses have been connected with a couple of the blogs that I consider to have been posting some of the more thought-provoking and unique material - such as translations of local Greek messages and news that doesn't seem to register in the mainstresm. My questions were as follows:

1. What effect do you hope to have with the blog, posting updates and original material on the situation in Greece, especially now that a lot of the mainstream and underground coverage has lessened since December? How does online media make a difference in struggles like this?

2. What role do you see for those of us outside of Greece in keeping up with events there, and what can perhaps be learned from the situation there?

3. How do those of you working on the blog decide what to post there (given that there has to be quite a bit of news and info out there...though perhaps not so much that I can find in English that's current)?

...and I'm not quite prepared to forward my thoughts on the much-appreciated response. More later [repeat as mantra].

As a bit of an aside: rude awakening (followed by a joyful moment) in the past 10 days, as one of the major anarchist hub-site message boards on which I've been conversing shut down completely without notice for several days, then returned - but without the messages posted to many topics over the past six (8?) weeks! Technical infrastructure issues invade the social space of the online forum, eh? In my case, this meant all of my carefully considered posts, which I otherwise have no record of. I found a thread when it came back up which described a technical problem with servers and transferring data (don't really get the jargon), in which one poster noted this loss (with a little lament). A response to that post expressed surprise (this hadn't been noticed), and a subsequent suggested that it would be just too much work to resequence everything to get the contents of the gap back online. Yet, lo and behold, my last visit - to check the latest - yielded the full temporal span. A reminder of the fragile materiality of the persistent background of accumulated energy, thought and interaction that get put into these things...

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